Arresting Bandipur Wild Life Sanctuary Must Visit If Have Guts

Bandipur tiger reserve is situated in the southern region of Karnataka in India. The distant Bandipur National Park, located in the Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka, offers one of the enticing places, to indulge in the thrill of adventure. The traveller visits the vicinity of Bandipur to get captivated by the aura of the forests and the wildlife.

The charming place always provides the right medium to rebuild the lost ties with the mother nature. Bandipur is situated under the Nilgiri Biosphere, receives a number of rivers such as Kabini, Nugu and Moyar as a benediction. The rindle is a common occurrence at Bandipur. This maintains the park on the route that is covered by numerous tourists, every year.

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Different areas to visit:

The park has a considerable amount of tigers and elephants. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu control this park together. The Region of forest in Tamilnadu is called as Mudumalai reserve. This tiger reserve is recommended for the recognition as a heritage site.

This park suits people who love photography, nature, and adventure. Many adventure activities are available within the park. Many lodges and resorts near the park provide packages that include many activities inside the park that are not usually available to all visitors.

Central Region :

Central region – This region has Nugu River which is famous for spotting animals. Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta summit is located in this region. This is the highest summit in the park. This summit is famous among trekkers and pilgrims.

People trek to the peak to get a panoramic view of the park. There is a Hindu temple in the summit. Sandalwood trees are found here. Elephants are common near the hill due to the presence of many watering holes.

South Region:

South –  This is the best spot to find many animals. Elephants, bison, deer, squirrels, jungle cat and other animals are found in this region. Moyar river is running in this region.

North Region:

North – This region covers the backwater and river of Kabini. There are also two streams found in this region. Birdwatching and boating are common in this region. Bicycle tours are available in this region. In the summer when the river dries up, birds can be spotted in large groups. You can spot many fishes too.

East Region :

East– This area is comprised of major forest area and scrub jungle. The Reserve area of the park contains dry deciduous trees and moist deciduous trees. The shrublands of the park are filled with many flowering plants. Best place for birdwatching. Spotting carnivorous animals is easier here.

North West Region:

North West – This forest is famous for Kabini reservoir. Kabini reservoir is the main water source. This is the spot to find animals during summer. This region is dominated by dry deciduous forest and tropical forest.  In the monsoon season, the place will be lush.

Adventure ride:

Bandipur Safari Lodge,  Jungle Lodges, – Elephants roaming through the forest, moving majestically; the thrill of watching tigers on the prowl; the resonating cacophony and vibrating colors of wild birds – that’s Bandipur National Park for you. And what better way to respond to the indomitable call of the wild than spending some quality time at Bandipur Safari Lodge, located on the outskirts of the Bandipur National Park.

Bandipur safari lodge spreading across 880.02 sq km of area, Bandipur National Park, also known as Bandipur Tiger Reserve, showcases the blissful natural world of Karnataka, a South Indian state.

Do Come to Bandipur to watch the jungle going wild with gaur, elephants, chital, wild boar, and sambar. You never-before-seen experience: watching an unexplored world of jungle life unfolding before you. If you are a passionate birdwatcher, Bandipur is a place you shouldn’t miss.

So, plan your trip, pack your bags and head straight to Bandipur Safari Lodge to see nature unraveling its mystery on its own. Any time of the year you can come to the Bandipur National Park. Anyhow, for wildlife enthusiasts, the ideal time is the summer months of March, April, and May. The time between October and February is the best season for you to come to the park to enjoy the greenery.



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Plain Sailing Way To Reach Hampi Trip From Bangalore

Hampi was one of the richest and largest cities in the world during its prime as the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. The ruins of Hampi houses temple, ponds, ancient markets etc. for which Hampi has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its group of monuments. In this Hampi Travel Guide, we will talk about different places to see in Hampi trip and how can we see places of interest in Hampi in one day.


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The Vijaya Vittala or Vittala Temple is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Hampi. It was built around the 15th century AD during the reign of King Devaraya II (1422 – 1446 AD). Several areas of the temple were expanded and enhanced during the reign of Krishnadevaraya (1509 – 1529 AD). In this temple Lord Vishnu in the form of Vittala.

The temple is most famous for its exceptional architecture and unmatched craftsmanship. This typical monument of Hampi is a major attraction of Hampi and is a must-see for visitors. The temple is built in the Dravidian style and stands in a large rectangular enclosure. The Vijayanagara towers three lofty on the east, north, and south are now dilapidated.


The full complex houses several enclosures, pavilions,  temples, and halls. The main front temple is the world famous stone chariot or ratha. There are three famous stone chariots in India, the other two being in Konark and Mahabalipuram. In this temple, the chariot is built on a rectangular platform, is built out of giant granite blocks.

All around the base of the chariot is carved with mythical battle scenes. The concentric floral motifs adorn the wheels of the chariot.

The chariot wheel can be rotated but the ASI cemented them to avoid the damage caused by the visitors. Two elephants are positioned in front of the chariot but originally there were two horses positioned here.


The Queen’s Bath is constructed by Achyuta Raya for the women of the royal family of Vijayanagara. The Queen’s Bath is in Indo-Islamic style, an elaborate structure with a simple exterior and an ornate interior.

It is a surrounded by ornate balconies, rectangular building and is each having a set of three windows. Each bay having arched surrounding the bath is decorated with intricately carved stucco ornamentation on the ceilings and the vaults placed above the arched bays.


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The Queen Bath depth pool is 6 feet and has stone steps leading to the bottom of the tank. The 30 square meter structure is surrounded by a moat on all sides and a bridge-like structure is made to reach the pool. Probably this was designed to prevent people from entering the area when the Royals were bathing. Queen Bath pool is one of the historical places in Hampi, You should not miss this while having a Hampi trip

The Queen’s Bath is an empty structure now. The bath floor has some empty sockets that were once used to support pillars. The support pillars are believed to have been part of a canopy that was destroyed during the Deccan Sultans attack on Hampi.


Image result for ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM in Hampi imagesArchaeological Survey of India established the museum in Hampi is a must-visit for anyone interested to know more about the history of this city. In this museum having artefacts, gold and silver coins metal objects and even sculptures of deities from Vijayanagara Era.

It also has several galleries that display the history of Hampi beautifully. There is an entry fee of Rs 5 to visit the Archaeological Museum. It is worth visiting for any history buff. The museum stays open from 10 am to 5 pm on all days of the week.


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The Durbar Hall is also known as King’s Audience Hall,  is located inside the Royal Enclosure at Hampi. The structure is ruined whose remnants can be spotted on the western side of the Mahanavami Dibba or Dasara Dibba.

This Hall was built during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire. According to Abdul Razzak, the famous historian who visited Hampi during the reign of Devaraya II, the Audience Hall was one of the most magnificent buildings in Hampi during that time. In durbar hall that the place where the king addressed his administration and the public.


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The Durbar Audience Hall was a huge building built with huge blocks of stone and wood. The ruined structure stone stairway at the rear of the hall that suggests it might have been a two-storied building. The superstructure is not present right now. Vestiges of pillar sockets and bases show that it was originally a hall of 100 pillars. It is believed that the superstructure of the building was mostly made of wood and the pillars were carved out of sandalwood trees.

They believed that the building was destroyed by fire during the Deccan Sultanate attack in 1565 AD. The several noblemen used to attend the court of the King of Vijayanagara held at the Durbar Hall. Today, only the basement of the Hall is survived.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride In Palm Springs California

Start your early morning at Palm Springs area balloon adventures meet at Café Italia and begin with a continental breakfast. During November to February, the winter season between evening flights is also available. After every short ride in the shuttle van to the launch site, you will watch the ground crew inflate the balloons to 7-stories high.

There are many various size balloons that can accommodate one to twelve guests, plus the pilot. You may charter a balloon for your party only or with others.  A pilot will apply hot air with the powerful balloon engines and the balloon will effortlessly lift off to float with the gentle breeze. California is one of the best places for Hot air Ballon ride.

Most of the flight path often takes guests over natural deserts, lush country club golf resorts, Date Palm groves and polo clubs. A Pilots will point out interesting sites and wildlife during the approximately one-hour tour. We follow all rules with ballooning and toast the adventure with Champagne or sparkling juice, and your pilot will present you with flight awards.

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Plan your trip to spend about 2 ½ hours with us total time. This hot air balloon activity is suitable for all ages and abilities. We recommend that you dress casually and wear closed flat shoes, please no high heels or sandals. Do dress in layers in the morning, it may be cool, however, it will be warmer in the balloon. Suppose, If you are tall or have thinning hair, you may wish to wear a hat or cap.

The good ways to appreciate the panoramic desert of the Greater Palm Springs area is to literally get above it takes in the expanses of citrus trees and palms date, the sagebrush, the spring wildflowers, and even the 100-plus manicured golf courses from a hot air balloon, with the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa mountains as a backdrop.

Many operators do hot-air balloon rides in the Coachella Valley, primarily in the high season of November through May, with sunrise and sunset being the most popular times of the day for tours.


Operators will typically come to pick you up at your hotel for the trip and tours are fairly small anywhere from two to 10 of you along for the ride. Balloons Above, Fantasy Balloon Flights, and  Hot Air Balloons all use FAA-certified pilots and embrace the centuries-old tradition of offering up some sparkling wine after your voyage. Expect to be in the air anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes.

Some operators will let you get pretty hands-on. They let passengers help set up and take down the balloon before and after their flights, while Balloons Above is happy to arrange lessons on how to fly a hot air balloon yourself. On the ride in Fantasy Balloon Flights tour of Palm Springs, the pilot will point out spots like the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea, and even celebrity homes.


The fastest and most inexpensive way to get to experience the thrill of a Palm Springs hot air balloon ride is to embark on a shared aerial tour. This is the most popular balloon ride option that we offer. It allows just about anyone to get to feel the sensation of floating through the skies. The weather in Palm Springs is perfect for hot air ballooning.

The warm, dry heat makes for a comfortable setting and a clear view throughout our sunrise and sunset aerial tours of the city. The balloon baskets can hold people from 2 to 10 people depending on the size of the gondola. Your Shared balloon ride will be filled to capacity.

The number to guests will determine which balloon you will be going up in. Our partner’s balloons are the most technologically advanced and comfortable hot air balloons available on the market today.

We offer aerial tours all year round, but the high season runs from April through November. Book a Shared balloon ride and get to experience the skies of sunny California with a group of like-minded people. The feeling of hot air balloon ride in California is unimaginable.

You can even make new friends with your companions. If you prefer to enjoy this shared experience with your friends, you can invite them to share a ride with you. Your flight will last for about an hour once you are up in the air. You should plan to spend about half of the day for setup and transportation to and from the launch site.

After your flight has concluded, you will be transported back to the main site in an air-conditioned van. At this point, people tend to start sharing their photos with others in the group. The photos you will take during this magical adventure will be breathtaking. On your visit to California should go and experience this fantastic ride.

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