Hot Air Balloon Ride In Chennai

Seeing hot air balloons fly over imported scenes and views on the silver screen has not only been a mysterious vision to observe but has also made us want to watch and undergo it in real time. The idea may have used its own sufficient time to initialize in India, with the help of some excellent financing and interest, today you can find various places that allow hot air balloon rides, which tower some marvellous landscapes. So, get ready to undergo the best and most astonishing trip of your life.

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Chennai

TamilNadu International Balloon Festival:

Since our childhoods, Hot Air Balloons have ever taken our vision. Always connected with something unusual & courageous, taking a hot air balloon is everyone’s fantasy! After all who can ignore hot air balloon pictures from ‘Around The World in 80 Days’ or ‘The Mummy – 2’ or ‘Up’. Chennai is treating its first ever – International Balloon Festival (TNIBF 2019) @ Mahindra World City.

Exoticamp in community with ‘Tamilnadu International Balloon Festival brings to ‘The Balloon Festival Camp’. Get an up-close background of the holiday by going on hot air balloon rides, supporting the crew in raising these enormous beauties & preparing them up in the air.


Believe me, it’s a completely new experience when you’re viewing a bird’s eye glimpse of this grand fort with its fully built network of resistance and gardens. Plus, you’ll relish Jaipur like nevermore before on this 60-minute ride, climbing over the rough, desert area that huddles this wonderful city. What’s also, at the top of your drive, you’ll get a Primary Flight Certificate to hold and wealth.

What else?

The Hot Air Balloon Safari is an exploit in the air – pretty exactly! You understand your take-off end but you don’t know where you’ll be grounding. The hot air balloon just moves with the blow (in a controlled environment of course). Every ride is a new adventure. No two followers will ever get the same sense. Don’t neglect to carry your camera, sunscreen and sunglasses as you start on this adventure into the clouds.

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