Hot Air Balloon Ride In Jaipur

The majestic city of Jaipur a great observer point and hosts groups of visitors from over the earth, every year. Usually known as the Pink City, it is located to some of the various beautiful palaces and forts from the bygone era, besides various man-made lakes and temples.

In modern time, adventure pursuits on offer here have also improved search among visitants. One such spectacular hunt is hot air ballooning at Jaipur that promotes a really mesmerising pursuit during which you will understand some breathtaking scenes of the landscape of this majestic range.

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Jaipur

Time for the Ride:

The journeys are always provided two hours before the sun rises and two hours before it starts. These conditions are perfect for the business as breathing is at their standard, offering for everyday journeys. The serenity of the breathing depends on the time the approach is being taken in, but the average time for watching the activity is 5.30 am and 4 pm. Daylights take a minor risk of the flight doing ignored as exposed to afternoons.

Take off location:

The flights take off from the area near the brilliant Amber Fort; however, the city can sometimes be changed depending upon the extent of the fun. The take-off area is particularly chosen by the pilot about the stability of the onboard passengers.

Riding Experience:

Sure, you’ve visited the Amer Fort, but, understand me, it’s a totally different adventure when you’re observing a bird’s eye impression of this grand fort with its completely built network of strength and gardens. Plus, you’ll relish Jaipur like nevermore before on this 60-minute ride, sloping over the rough, desert area that gathers this wonderful city. What’s also, at the top of your drive, you’ll get an Original Flight Certificate to operate and property.


Good morning is the perfect opportunity not just to know India and its majestic forts, protected places, Ranges in Aravali and wonderful villages of Rajasthan an amazing sight but also the opportunity to meet familiar people. Be captivated as you float slowly over the area comprising Amber Fort. Like the marvellous scenic design of the city here – check Jaipur same you haven’t done earlier.

What else?

The Hot Air Balloon Safari is a venture in the air –  exactly! You know your take-off point but you don’t understand where you’ll be restricting. The hot air balloon just goes with the blast (in a controlled environment of course). Every ride gives you a different venture. No two participants will eternally get the equivalent sensation. Don’t forget to carry your camera, sunscreen and sunglasses as you start on this exploit into the flaws.

Dig the world at your heels as you leave into the heavens in a hot-air balloon. The reality of taking in the world below like a chick, the tranquil that comes with being so many centuries of feet above the earth and the absolute thrill of being up in the air, give unmatched satisfaction.