The Indian Sub-continent has been very synonymous with the diversity that it has in various aspects. Not just in terms of culture but also in terms of landscapes. A country like this is very hard to find. There was a time, India attracted tourists from all over the world only for its tradition, culture and the diversity that it has. A few decades ago if you ask any foreigner who has toured India, all they will speak about is the temple, tradition all those related stuff. But we all know that those are not the only features that attract people. Indian tourism has come a long way and people are touring to explore the country.

It would not be an understatement to say that, there are a lot of metros that have attained a global city stature. It is mainly because of the technology boom. Since people and dignitaries from all over the world are visiting a lot of places the development seems to be very drastic. The development is not just in terms of infrastructure but also in terms of tourism. One of those cities that have hit the perfect balance of becoming a developed city and also become perfect for tourism is Hyderabad – The City Of Nawabs. Even though there are a lot of interesting facts about the city, the one thing that we are going to see in detail is the hot air balloon ride in Hyderabad.

The Pearl City

Hyderabad the land that produces one of the best biryanis in the world. It is one of the most important metros in the country. It houses some of the biggest industries and MNCs in the world. Since it is a metro people from all over the country reside and settle there because of all their jobs. It is also considered to be one of the best-planned cities in the country. The development that the city has witnessed in the past decade is phenomenal. There are a lot of places for everyone to visit. One of the greatest aspects of Hyderabad is that it can cater to all kinds of audience. It does not matter whether you are a youngster or you are a grown man, this place has a lot that it can offer. Rather than sticking on the regular explore to the fullest and we are sure the beautiful city of Hyderabad will exceed your levels of expectations.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air Balloon is not the kind of thing that most people would have experienced in their lives. Especially in India, there are very few places that have hot air balloon rides. To be frank, many would have an idea about how things will be on the top and everything. Whatever that we imagine it is nowhere close to the real experience. Just for the bird view having this experience is worth it. Words are not enough to explain to the blissful experience. The predominant population that has experienced the hot air balloon rides have always given positive comments about it.

Just the thought about having an enjoying the awesome view from a higher altitude will give you the thrills. If the place is filled with lots of greenery, it would definitely be an amazing view. If you are a person who loves to have a bit of adventure in your life, this is the kind of activity that you will really enjoy. To have this amazing experience, all it takes is your mindset and a little bit of effort to make things happen.

Hyderabad Hot Air Balloon Ride

There are good possibilities that most of you might not even know that there is a hot air balloon ride in Hyderabad. It is located in the prestigious Ramoji Film City. Many might question what is the thing that makes this hot air balloon ride unique. One of the most important factors that sets it apart from the rest is that the balloon ride is inside the city of Hyderabad. Most of hot air balloon rides are outside the cities. Since it is being inside the city of Hyderabad, the view of the amazing city from the top is out of the world. There are no second thoughts about the fact you will fall in love with breathtaking view of the city. The beauty of the city is something that can be admired for a long time. It is certified and safe. Hence the safety factor is the last thing that you need to worry about. It has been functioning for quite a while and it has missed out to attract crowds which include both domestic and international. The hot air balloon ride has become one of the iconic things in the amazing city of Hyderabad.

Things That You Need To Know

There are some important things that you need to know about this hot air balloon ride in Hyderabad. The exact duration of the ride is about 1 hour. The operations start around 4 AM in the morning and the service ends at 6 PM in the evening. The total number of passengers per ride eight to eleven. The number of passengers will be decided based on the total weight of the people. The minimum height of the air balloon is around four feet. All of the tickets have to book online. A confirmation mail will be sent to and the booking is confirmed. There are also other add on services that will be provided. The services also need to be booked well in advance. All the customers will be contacted a day before to confirm to the arrival timing and the services that will be provided.