Rajasthan is a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan? The vast state has so much of beauty, heritage, and culture to offer to the interested tourist that it is impossible to know where to begin and end when planning a trip to Rajasthan. There is so much exotic variety everywhere and so many unique experiences hide in every corner of the state. Capturing all of it in a short trip seems virtually impossible. And that is why taking safaris in Rajasthan is the best way to enjoy the best of Rajasthan. And to take things up a notch, you can actually take royal safaris in Rajasthan. Royal luxury and authentic Rajasthan are a match made in heaven, so you will be sure to have a memorable time that you can remember fondly for years afterwards.

Types of Safari in Rajasthan:

There are many types of royal safaris in Rajasthan. There are the usual car safaris and jeep safaris, but also the more exotic camel safaris, horse safaris and elephant safaris. Riding across the desert on a camel as you stop to visit major sites on your route is a sure-fire way of having an adventurous time while zooming along the dunes in a jeep has its own adrenaline-filled pleasures.

Safe and comfortable journey:

If you want to explore the various aspects of Rajasthan without knowing the difficulty of an exhausted camel or horse safari then the correct solution is definitely a jeep safari. It is one of the safest and the most comfortable to experience the peace of Rajasthan major cities as well as her pastoral characters, a jeep safari in Rajasthan is a must try-out while on a tour to the Rajasthan. Besides this, the Jeep safaris are also used widely to exploring life tourism in Rajasthan.

Night Ride:

In Rajasthan, you can add extra romance in the dusky sand while travelling in the night and hear fascinating stories which you would love to pass on to your colleagues and friends back home. By availing this opportunity, then you can endure the awesome beauty of the Rajasthan beauty. Don’t wait more the perfect and awesome trip venture is right away!!

Jeep Safari is the most favourable and fascinating way to see Rajasthan and its beauties. This jeep safari gives the picturesque views and a royal visit to the fort and palace.  In your lifetime you should go jeep safari to the Thar Desert to experience the golden calm dessert.