Endure the attraction of the peaceful areas of Munnar with an exhilarating jeep safari in Kolukkumalai! Explore current touch and hold extraordinary photographs of the entire hills and the jewel prominence in the region!

Kolukkumalai, identified as the largest peak in South India, is very pleasant for a lumpy jeep safari mount that you can appreciate with all your friends! High adrenaline attraction safari about 40km in an open jeep will be a spectacular appearance, for all those who directly love the substantial outdoors! Throughout the safari, the jeep shall proceed through many fascinating locations with remarkable prospects.

Among the advance of just located about 2160 metres above sea level. It undertaking one of the magnificent views of the grassland that border the near state of Tamil Nadu. The abstracted hills slipping in and out of the haze, is a delight, sight. This place is well known for its bird’s-eye views and uneven mountains. The popular glamour scenic is the jeep safari, tea trail.

I bet you, the tea from this place is going to be the excellent one you’ve had distinguish! handle through the Kannan Devan Hills, the tea plantations, spice plantations, scenic valleys and the Lockhart Gap. The jeep safari pursuit will give one a possibility, to take an adjacent glance at the picturesque countryside. The Kolukkumalai jeep safari is a one-day activity.


Among the advance of just located about 2,640 metres above sea level.  It is the eminent third peak in the Western Ghats embrace to the Indian subcontinent. The Meesapulimala in the jeep safari, one would transfer combining eight peaks moreover the special that part the measure both of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, serving within an extra of developing green currents, the fluorescence of Rhododendrons, the pretty tea areas and gurgling brooks, one would ultimately reach Meesapulimala – a place with perfect beauty. It is a one-day full venture.

River Rafting In Munnar

Lush in wildlife, the jeep safari venture to the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary will give one an incredible opportunity to find the wide variety of animal classes that apply to the shrine. Any of them hold the hanuman monkeys, elephants, bison, tigers, panthers, marked deer, etc. roaming easily in their native environment. The activity is planned through the night (between 9:00 pm to 1:00 am).


The jeep safari design to the Ponmudi downline top up the great sites like the spice plantations, Nadukani para position, picnic time, Waterlily pool, Ponmudi dam, the swinging bridge, etc.

At the hilltop, you will see a great panoramic view of the nearby villages of Munnar. Towards the head point of the exciting excursion, the last 10km will be especially adventuresome and challenging as the field has small and fine droplets. Shriek your heart out as the jeep turns and jumps over rough and rude regions in this paradise on the planet!